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The latest Raspberry Pi 5 now comes with a pair of FPC connectors, in the space formerly occupied by the four-pole jack and camera connector. These are four-lane MIPI interfaces, using the same higher-density pinout found on various generations of Compute Module I/O board and they are bi-directional (transceiver) interfaces, meaning that each one can connect either to a CSI-2 camera or to a DSI display! You also should try using two DSI displays with the new MIPI interfaces.



The official FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) cable by Raspberry Pi is designed for connecting a DSI (Display Serial Interface) display to a Raspberry Pi 5. It features a 15-way connector with a 1mm pitch connecting to the DSI display and a 22-way connector with a 0.5mm pitch connecting to the Raspberry Pi 5. It plays a crucial role in establishing a reliable connection between the Raspberry Pi 5 and the DSI display, enabling users to display graphics and visual information in their Raspberry Pi 5-based projects.


Note: You may need these DSI displays.


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Tính Năng
  • Official from Raspberry Pi
  • High flexibility and ultra-thin (~0.15mm)
  • Length: 20cm
  • 22-Way to 15-Way
  • Compatible with the DSI display
Bộ sản phẩm gồm
  • FPC 22-Way to 15-Way for Display - 20cm


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